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At Twynham Primary School we recognise that each child is different and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we teach children from their starting points.

Laying the foundations for future learning is important to us, and each child at Twynham Primary school will have a very clear understanding of their learning skills, applying them in all areas of learning both academic and social.

We have developed a “language of learning” Twynham Primary valuesat Twynham Primary School which is:

A Communicator – through verbal, non-verbal, auditory and IT communication.

A Creator – through aspiration, adaption, exploration, imagination and innovation.

A Thinker – through planning, decision making, evaluation and reflection.

Respect – through understanding emotions, cultures and religions.
Twynham Primary School,
Marsh Lane,
Christchurch,BH23 2NH
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4 years to 11 years
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01202 026065
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At Twynham Primary School our philosophy is that “All children are special”; all children have needs and many children experience difficulty with their learning or the way they behave at some time during their school life. It is recognised that many pupils will, perhaps for only a short time, have some form of SEN and that some additional support may be required.

Our aim at Twynham Primary is to enable all pupils, regardless of ability, race, or need, to make the greatest possible progress in their learning, while experiencing a broad and balanced curriculum alongside their peers. We believe all teachers are teachers of special educational needs and should endeavour to differentiate work so that all pupils have access to the curriculum at levels that are suitable for their abilities.
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